Michelle Flanigan for STRS Ohio Board

Reform Candidate for STRS Ohio Retirement Board
April 2024

Electing Michelle Flanigan will provide the reform-minded majority needed to clean up the mess at STRS! 

What are Michelle's goals as an STRS Ohio board member?

How does Michelle plan to achieve these goals?

Why should you vote for Michelle?

Who is Michelle Flanigan?

Michelle has worked as a Government, Economics and Financial Literacy teacher at Brunswick City Schools for the past 26 years. She worked as a financial analyst at American Greetings prior to becoming a teacher.

Michelle is currently a Moderator for the Ohio STRS Member Only Forum (MOF) on Facebook and a  Group Expert for STRS Ohio Watchdogs Facebook group. She is an active member of the Ohio Retirement for Teachers Association (ORTA).

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys reading, traveling and riding her horse. She lives in Strongsville with her husband Sean.

You can help Michelle get elected to the STRS Ohio Board

Michelle is running for a contributing (active) seat on the STRS Ohio Retirement Board.  For that reason, ONLY ACTIVE TEACHERS can vote in this election in April 2024.

Michelle needs 500 signatures to be placed on the ballot, including 20 from 10 different counties. A good way to find out if Michelle needs signatures from your county is to visit the Ohio STRS Member Only Forum (MOF) and the STRS Ohio Watchdogs Facebook groups, where she will post campaign updates. The MOF is the best place to ask questons about Michelle's campaign.

Instructions for nomination petitions 

This is NOT a vote.  It is only a petition to put reform candidate Michelle Flanigan on the ballot.  

Return the ORIGINAL petitions (copies will not be accepted) NO LATER THAN JANUARY 31st to either of the following addresses:

Michelle Flanigan

18233 Falling Leaves Road

Strongsville OH 44136

Robin Rayfield, Executive Director

Ohio Retirement for Teachers Association

250 East Wilson Bridge Road, Suite 150

Worthington OH 43085

Michelle Flanigan honored as ORTA's first Member of the Month!

Michelle Flanigan has been selected as ORTA's first Member of the Month. Watch as Robin Rayfield, Executive Director of ORTA, talks with Michelle about STRS Ohio.

STRS Ohio - Quick Facts in a Few Minutes

Michelle's YouTube channel provides brief informational videos about the Ohio State Teachers Retirement System.  The purpose is to educate teachers about STRS Ohio so that they can work together to demand reform at STRS!  Click here to watch and share the videos on YouTube.

Why can OPERS do what STRS can't?  
We deserve better than this! 

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Why can OPERS do what STRS can't? We deserve better than this!